How to Enable Internet on Ubuntu

If you’re a newbie to linux operating system, then you may face some problems. You’ll need to learn some commands to operate Ubuntu according to your needs. Like I installed my first linux i.e. Ubuntu before some months ago and after installing I wanted to enable my net connections on it and also I wanted to make Windows my default OS by making Windows highlighted by default in GRUB. So these were my first needs but yours can be different. But for now lets just learn how to enable your PPPOE internet connection on Ubuntu.

Now lets learn how to enable your PPPOE internet on Ubuntu. Open a “Terminal” and write  “pppoeconf” . Thats it, now follow the steps and just answer according to your needs. Now say you succeeded in connecting your internet on Ubuntu, you can use these commands on your Terminal to connect and disconnect you internet.

To connect:  Use  “sudo pon dsl-provider” command

To disconnect : Use “sudo poff dsl-provider” command.

Whatever you learn, go easy, go slow but go perfect. Thats my advice, there many things to learn if you are using linux, so therefore go slow but try to remember the commands once you read it. Thats the techie’s way.

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