Now Watch Full Length Hindi Movies on Yahoo MoviePlex

It seems that Yahoo is also going the Youtube way. Some time back Youtube also introduced box office channel which showcases some popular and new Hindi movies every month. Through this new service from Yahoo, you can watch free full length Bollywood movies online.

yahoo movieplex

So here comes one competitor to Youtube Boxoffice, and this time it is Yahoo. This new free service is named as Yahoo MoviePlex. For now Yahoo have added only 8 movies, but let’s hope that in future they add some more popular movies.

Currently you can watch some popular Hindi movies like Aakrosh, Dil Toh Baccha hai Ji, Rock On, Rann, Crook, etc. So now you’ve got one more source to watch full length Bollywood movies online.

Youtube currently has definitely got an edge over Yahoo, as Youtube streams movies in both the formats, standard as well as HD resolution, whereas Yahoo renders movies in only standard definition.

But here comes a minus part. As soon as you play a movie, an advertisement is first displayed and then the movie starts. I think this is really a bad move, as they are just starting up this new service.

Only time will tell the popularity of this new service by Yahoo. If they want to beat others, then they will need to add some more blockbuster movies, and improve their movie streaming process by giving users an option to switch to HD resolution.

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