Try Out Youtube’s New Design – Cosmic Panda

It seems Google has been on a redesigning spree for its products. First the launch of Google+, then Google’s main home page, then Gmail and now this Youtube. The new design of Youtube is codenamed – Cosmic Panda. And anyone can try out this new experiment, as its open to Public.

cosmic panda

Youtube announced about this new experiment on their Blog.

Our team is constantly experimenting, tweaking and playing with new ways to make your experience exactly what you’re looking for.

If you want to experience this new Cosmic Panda, then head over to and then click on Try it Out. After trying out the new interface, user can also return back to the default/old Youtube interface anytime.

Once you start the experiment, whole browsing and viewing videos experience will improve. The site now looks visually appealing, and the new video player looks sleek and gorgeous. User can easily enlarge a video from “Video size” options. The focus is now on video, and the related videos appear beneath. Good step taken by Youtube. Take a look at how the viewing video experience looks like:

cosmic video

The channel page also looks more refreshing. The blog type layout looks perfect and the videos are given more importance, then compared to the channel’s details. For youtube, videos are always important, and thus it seems that in Cosmic Panda, they are focusing on what matters the most – videos. Overall the new channel page really looks great, and easy to navigate. Channel details are shown in sidebar. Take a look at channel page.

cosmic panda channel page

And while experiencing this new Cosmic Panda, if you encounter some bugs, then on the left hand side there is a “feedback” button. Click on it and report it right away. This will help Youtube to improve and solve that bug. You can also report any suggestions.

At this stage, it sometimes runs sluggish and we have to refresh the page twice. It’s not perfect but worth giving a try. So do you like the new Youtube design ?

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