How to Track or Trace any Particular IP Address

IP address is short for Internet Protocol address. IP address is used to identify computers connected to the internet. There are many reasons why you would like to track/locate IP address.

  1. You want to track an email you received
  2. That particular IP address is trying to login to your website’s Admin area
  3. Someone is claiming to be from one place and you suspect that he/she is from another place
  4. That IP address is consuming too much bandwidth of your site
  5. That IP address is involved in some bad practices
  6. Someone is spamming too much from that IP

There may be any reason to lookup IP address. Here are some sites that will help you to locate and get more information about that IP address.

How to Track/Locate/Trace IP address

IP address locator

There are some sites that can help you do this task easily.
Just enter your IP address and hit the button. This site will display information like country, state, city, latitude, longitude, ISP of IP, organization, local time and Google map which will locate this address. Simple and easy to use site.
This site will show hostname, ISP, country and Google map. Also it will display an email address to handle an abusive or fraud mail to report that IP address.
Another useful site. This site focuses on locating geographical location of an IP Address. Enter the IP and click on “Submit”. Below you will be able to see country, region, city, Longitude, timezone, population, currency, currency code, life expectancy, etc.

There are many more sites to do this task. But in most cases, these three sites will be enough to get more information about that IP address.

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    Hi Saqib

    I used a service like that about a year ago, when someone tried to Brute-force attack my FTP server. It turned out to be a couple of IP addresses from China that had nothing to do in my FTP server so I blocked those IP addresses.

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