Top 5 Best Free And Popular Softwares

I love free softwares, aka, freewares. They’re simply awesome, because you can use them without paying a buck. And you will find a freeware program for mostly every purpose. So let’s see free softwares which help you to burn CD/DVD, Defrag, PDF Reader, etc purposes.


This free software supports burning any Data on CD-R/CD-RW/DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD+RW/DVD-RW/DVD-RAM/BD/HD-DVD. Yes, this is a vast list. But you can think, some of even paid softwares don’t support burning to HD-DVD and BD. It can also burn ISO to CDs and DVDs.

This is an real alternative to most popular commercial burning application, which is Nero. So if you don’t want to dig a hole in your pocket, use this freeware to write CDs and DVDs.

[Download CDBurnerXP]

Foxit Reader:

This one is an alternative to Adobe Reader. Have you seen the size of Adobe Reader ? Its just too large to download and resource heavy software, so PCs which have low configuration face problem and sluggishness while running this application. Therefore use Foxit Reader. Firstly, its free, secondly its very light on system resources, fourthly, it opens PDF documents very fast and fifthly, its just 5.11 MB in size. I have dumped Adobe Reader from a long time and started using this Foxit Reader and I am fully satisfied with it.

Yes, it does opens PDF files blazingly fast and you don’t have to wait for opening of files, like in Adobe Reader. So try this alternative to Adobe Reader and be satisfied.

[Download Foxit Reader]


FileZilla needs no introduction and is the best free FTP client out there. Using it is very simple and its no need to learn how to connect. The GUI is self explanatory.

One feature I like the most of this application is that you can Bookmark the location of your files/folders. Yes its a freeware. And is just 3.97 MB. So download it now if you are still using the traditional method to upload/download files from your server.

[Download FileZilla]

K-Lite Codec Pack

Want an all in one player ? So this one is for you. Instead of having many different applications for each purposes, like Quicktime for .MOV files, Real player for .RM format, etc why not have an all in one player which can play all the files. So this player can play and supports a vast variety of codecs and is also light on using system resources. After installing this, your videos will even start running in Windows Media Player. So try it, for its the one solution, you have. Also VLC player is good, but I sometimes have problem in that, so I would suggest you K-Lite Codec pack.

[Download K-Lite Codec Pack]


As I have said in my previous posts also, that Defragging your hard disk is also a very important step in maintaining the speed of your PC. So for that you can use the inbuilt utility also which comes with Windows or can try out this free software. But as per my observation, the inbuilt utility works slow compared to this software. If you are in a hurry, then you can also do a quick defrag. It will show you the graph with details that how much is the used space and free space, and also how much is defragmented and how much not.

So don’t think, download this little nifty utility and maintain the speed of your Computer.

[Download Defraggler]

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