How to Enable/Disable Auto-update for Android Apps

Android users have got a vice choice of apps. After installing a particular app, it is possible that an update is available for that app. Many users are tired by recurring updates, that happens often. Even games are updated on regular basis to add new levels and bug fixes. Let’s learn how to enable or disable auto-update for Android apps.

By default, auto-updates are enabled on Android devices. This is definitely good but those who are using mobile data for updating their apps, their mobile bills can rise because of this. A possible solution would be to disable Auto-updates and update apps over Wi-Fi only.

Disable Auto update for Android Market (apps)

Press your phone’s menu button and tap Market. This will open Android Market. Once the Market has loaded, press the Menu button again and tap settings. This should open “settings” section of Android Market. From here, you can tick on “Auto-update apps” to install the latest version of your apps automatically.

Android market settings

Vice versa, if you want to disable auto-update of apps, then untick this option. This should prevent auto update of apps.

Also note the “Update over Wi-Fi only”, if this option is selected then the phone won’t download updates unless you’re connected to a wireless (Wi-Fi) network. This option would come in handy for those who don’t want to use their mobile data plan to update apps. Updates will be performed only when you’re connected with Wi-Fi.

You can also limit a single app to manual updates only. From the Market, press Menu and tap “My Apps”. Scroll through a list of installed apps, tap your desired app and untick “Allow automatic updating”. This being done, your selected app won’t auto update. (Refer below screenshot)

auto update apps

In this screenshot, you can see that “Allow automatic updating” is unchecked. Now this Angry Birds Seasons game won’t auto-update.

This is how we can stop (turn-off) auto-update for Android apps.

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