How to Solve Shockwave Flash Not Responding Issue in Chrome

Google Chrome usually runs great but some users face the problem of Shockwave Flash not responding. In fact, this is the most common problem. You may wonder what’s this Flash plugin and how to fix this issue?.

Chrome users many times get this error “A plug-in (Shockwave Flash) isn’t responding” with a button for “Stop plug-in”. Clicking on this button can solve this problem for once, but this is not an exact solution. In this article, you’ll learn how to solve this problem once and for all.

Adobe flash

Chrome handles Flash content in a different way, then compared to other browsers. Instead of using the Flash installation of the host system, Chrome uses an internal Flash installation. This Flash installation is updated automatically with new release of Chrome, which means that your computer’s Flash installation and internal Flash installation can have different versions.

Sometimes Chrome starts utilizing both the versions of Flash and because of that, the browser starts lagging and crashing. Many websites use Flash and you may see Chrome crash frequently because of that.

To solve this Flash conflict in Chrome, simply follow below steps.

In Chrome address bar, type about:plugins in the address bar and press Enter.

This will open up a list of all the plug-ins installed in Chrome.

flash not responding

From here, you’ll see “Flash” entry. If you see two entries of Flash here, then the problem is mostly related to conflict between the two installations.

One of the entry is for internal Chrome installation and one for host installation. You’ll need to Disable the entry that refers to the location of AppData folder. Note that you should not disable the entry that points to separate stand-alone version.

Restart Chrome and continue browsing. Your Google Chrome browser should not have Flash related issues anymore.

From now onwards, you will no longer get automatic updates with Chrome upgrade. You’ll need to check for updates from Adobe’s Flash download page manually.

If you still face problem, then try playing with the alternate configuration. Disable the host Flash installation and use the internal Flash installation. Who knows, perhaps this change might solve your problem.

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