Remove AMD Vision Engine Control Center from Desktop Right-Click Menu

Those who are using AMD’s integrated graphics or graphic card know that after installing display drivers, when we right click on the desktop, the first option is “AMD Vision Engine Control Center”. This is done to for user’s convenience, so that user can open display settings without much hassle. But there are some, who want to remove AMD Vision Engine Control Center from the right click menu, as they may not want this option. Of course, this setting/control center can also be opened from Start menu, then why have it on the desktop.

Here is a screenshot of right click menu. In this short tutorial, we’ll learn how to remove this first option for “AMD Vision Engine Control Center”.

amd vision CC

For this, we’ll be delving into registry editor. This is a simple registry hack. In the start menu, type regedit and press enter (If using Windows XP, then type this on “Run”).

A small registry hack can do wonders !

This will open Registry Editor. From the left side, navigate to:


Now that we’re here, double click on the “Default” value from the right hand side and add a “hyphen (-)” in front of “Value data” field and click on OK. E.g. in the value data, there would be something like:

{5E2121EE-0300-11D4-8D3B-444553540000} change this into: {5E2121EE-0300-11D4-8D3B-444553540000} (notice the dash/hyphen first and then the bracket)

This is all we need to do. You can check this by right clicking on the desktop and voila, that menu item will be removed.

Note: You need to follow the same method for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Before following this above tutorial, its a good idea to right click the “Ace” folder and “Export” the registry key. This is for backup purpose, just in case something goes wrong.

If in future you need this menu item back, then open registry editor, navigate to this same path and remove the hyphen we just added.

Those who are using older ATI driver versions, may see this: “Catalyst Control Center” in right click menu. In newer driver version, this same option is renamed to “AMD Vision Engine Control Center”, thus you need to follow the same method to remove this menu item.


  1. says

    Ummm… right. I trust that will work, but would it have been too much trouble to explain *why* ??

    1) Why is this value in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\ACE how would someone have found this?

    2) Why is it not in, say, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\… ?

    3) Is ACE some kind of acronym for AMD Vision Engine Control Centre (though I don’t quite see how …).

    4) And what the long bracketed code means, although I suspect that doesn’t matter very much, just that you disable it by putting a dash in front. That’s what the dash does, right? I believe it does.

    See now if you’d have simply pointed me at some obscure settings advanced thing, or if the registry path would have been more obviously the place where this setting lives … fine.

    But if I’m going to have to apply some obscure Voodoo to my fresh new laptop, *some* people like to know what they’re doing before they do it.

    • says

      Really appreciate your comment. I should have explained in more detail.
      1& 2) You can find the registry entry exactly at the mentioned path. That’s because registry entries are created in this path only.
      3) Registry editor is an advanced stuff. They use different kind of naming structure which is difficult to understand
      4) Yes, you are right. You just need to put a dash in front

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