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Be it office worker or home user, we all would really love to have a small calendar on our desk. The importance of calendar need not to be emphasized, but we all know how useful can that be. Nowadays people are always near to their Computer’s all the time. So they may think that they already have a calendar in the computer (which can be opened by clicking on time or placing “calendar” gadget on desktop). But what about that time when your “useful” PC is switched off and you need a calendar. Here comes a solution in the form of a printable calendar. All you need to do this is a printer.

Create Printable Calendar

So after assuming that you have a printer and active internet connection, here are some sites that will help you in creating your own personalized calendar.

printable calendar online
The layout of this site is simple and you can get professional-looking printable calendars in moments. Just click on the layout of calendar which you like the most and then configure the different options like include U.S. holidays, Canadian holidays, resizing, shading, language and calendars per sheet. After configuring all the options, you will be presented with a properly formatted Microsoft Word document, ready to print. No popups and no ads, just try out this site.
What makes this site special is that you can add your own custom image in the calendar. Click on the monthly calendar or yearly calendar and then you can configure different options like culture, first day of week, month, year, show holidays and custom image. Yes, it’s too easy to upload custom image, just click on “Browse” and upload the image or you can also specify online URL. Finally, click on “View Printable Calendar” link and you’re good to go.
Just check out their home page and it offers pretty much everything. Holiday calendar, school calendar, photo calendar, all can be accessed via the home page. Also if you have a Blog or a website, then you can also get the calendar widget code and paste it on your site.
Yet another useful site. Select the one months per page calendar or 12 weeks per page calendar and in the next step customize it the way you want. This site offers many customization options like change font, border, shading, margin, orientation, paper size, language and then just hit the button. You will be presented with a PDF calendar that’s ready for printing.

That’s it. Now you know how to create personalized calendars with your favorite photos. It’s so easy that you’ll want to make one for every room, so that you can spend the year surrounded by pictures of places and people that you love the most.

Tip: While printing calendar, use photo papers and not the normal ones that you use to print documents. Photo papers (also called glossy papers) will give your calendar that professional touch.

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