How to Solve Theme Options Not Saving Issue in Theme Junkie Themes

If you are using Theme Junkie themes and your theme options are not saving then here is the solution for this problem. This issue arises when you try to update to the latest version of WordPress (3.1 and later). After updating WordPress, theme options would no longer be saved, even after clicking on “Save” button. […]

How to Post Updates from Twitter to Facebook Wall Automatically

fb and tweet connected

Use of social media is increasing day by day. And therefore, one may want to harness the power of social media to the full extent. But its not wise to manually keep on posting at all places, and thereby wasting time and energy. Did you know that you can automate the process of posting Twitter […]

Various Types of WordPress Permalink Structure Explained


WordPress offers many permalink structures. There are some popular ones which many sites and Blogs use, and there are some which amazes us and force us to think why would they use such a permalink structure. Well, now is the time to let go that confusion and get your facts right. Also I’ll try to […]

How to Enable Preview Of Chrome Tabs In Windows 7 Taskbar

chrome tabs preview

One of the plus point of Internet Explorer is that a preview of various open tabs is shown in the Windows 7 taskbar when mouse is hovered at that IE icon. The same type of functionality was not available in Google Chrome (it is only available in Chrome dev version), but now with this small […]

How to Buy Domain Name from Google

register domain

Did you know that you can buy a domain name from Google. You read it right. This is not much advertised by Google, but yes, this can be done. Actually this is done to facilitate the sign up process for Google Apps. Google has partnered with a select group of domain registrars like eNom and […]