[Giveaway] Genuine License of WinX Blu-ray Decrypter For All


In today’s age, when Blu-ray is slowly replacing DVD’s for watching movies, its the right time to watch Full HD movies on Blu-ray’s rather than purchasing DVD movies. For those of you who have Blu-ray drives in your laptops and desktops, try giving a shot at Win X Blu-ray Decrypter. Recently, Digiarty Software launched a […]

Windows 8 Features – Better File Management and USB 3.0 Support

file management windows 8

Windows 8 – Microsoft’s next operating system is under active development. The exact release date of Windows 8 is not out yet. On MSDN Blog, the good folks at Microsoft have posted information about the latest developments and advancements in Windows 8. Here are some insights to the new features that Microsoft is going to […]

Air Playit Review – Free Streaming Videos from PC to iPhone

Stream video Airplayit

Enjoying movies on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch is one of the greatest pleasures of these Apple apparatuses. But you are confronted with the two problems: limited memory and limited video formats. So you can not put every favorite video in iDevice for watching. To help you eliminate these problems, here comes a free video […]

Play Age of Empires for Free Online

age of empires online

Good news for strategy fans out there. Now you can play Age of Empires (AoEO) game online for free. The game is history based real time strategy (RTS) game and was released on 16 August 2011. Age of Empires is already the best selling strategy game and has been sold more than 20 million copies […]