White iPod Touch Announced – Features, Price and Availability

new ipod touch 2011

Here is a good news about Apple fans, and also for those who love white color. When Apple launched white iPhone, that model too received good response. Now Apple has announced the new iPod touch white model. The new iPod touch comes with iOS 5 and iCloud. But now you’ve got the choice of color, […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About New iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

After months of rumors and talks about the next generation of iPhone, whether it will be iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, but now it’s official that iPhone 4S is the next shiny gadget for Apple fans. Here is everything you wanted to know about the new iPhone 4S – features, availability and pricing. This official […]

How to Know When is The Right Time to Buy Apple Products

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Before buying any product, be it Apple or any other company, it’s always good to know about when is the right time to buy a particular gadget. You really don’t want to buy a gadget and then after some day’s repent on that, because a new version/model is out of that same gadget. Just imagine […]

Use Ubuntu One App to Store, Share and Sync Files Online


Ubuntu One is your personal cloud. Store your digital world using the Ubuntu One App on various platforms. We all are already familiar about Dropbox, but the free account has a limit of 2 GB, whereas Ubuntu One offers 5 GB of storage space for free. Store and sync your files, photos, music, videos or […]

Buy New Kindle Touch for $99 and Kindle Fire for $199

amazon kindle fire

Today Amazon announced their new generation of Kindle Ebook readers that are not just ebook readers but are much more in terms of functionality. The kindle is already the best selling product on Amazon but with the announcement of these 4 new products, it seems Amazon’s really on a roll. The four new products are […]

Download Free WooCommerce Plugin & Ecommerce Theme


Woothemes has released a new free Ecommerce plugin named as WooCommerce. Till now WP e-Commerce plugin from GetShopped has gained much popularity with over 1,346,175 downloads. That’s a whooping figure, right? But it seems now we’ve got a worthy competitor from Woothemes. Closer look at WooCommerce Now let’s take a closer look at this plugin. […]