Use Ultra PDF Merger to Merge Multiple PDF Files into One

Merge PDF files

Ever felt the need to merge all those PDF files into one? There may be many small PDF files lying around in your hard drive and this situation can create a mess. A good solution would be to join all those PDF files into one file. Yes this can be done easily with this freeware […]

Android vs iOS – Is it Wise to Compare Both of These OS?

Android vs iOS

Some people cannot stop comparing both of these operating systems – Android and iOS. But the question is, is it wise to compare them? Why do we compare? Just to know which one is better and which one still has room for improvement? There are many questions and since iPhone 4S (with iOS 5) is […]

How to Quickly Find Your IP Address Using Simple Google Search

ip address

We already know that an IP address (short for Internet Protocol address) is used to identify computers on the Internet. It’s unique for each and every computer that is connected to the internet. Google can now show you IP address also. There are some sites that already does this task, but now this is made […]

Use a Plugin to Enable Multi-Site Option in WordPress


There are plugins for many different purposes in WordPress. The beauty of WordPress lies in two things – its free (open-source) and vast choice of plugins and themes to select from. Here is one more useful plugin which will eliminate all the hassles of delving in coding and enabling multi-site in WordPress. No more manual […]

Google TV Gets Major Update, Let’s Welcome HoneyComb & Android Market

Google tv

Google TV is a Smart TV platform from Google. Your smartphone is smart, then why should TV be left behind. We are already aware about various cable operators and satellite providers. But how about combining best of both worlds, TV plus internet. Google TV was officially launched October 6, 2010, with devices from Sony and […]

5 Firefox Add-ons to Create and Capture Screenshots


Firefox is one of the best browsers to surf the web, used by millions world wide. What makes it special is that it is free, good community, safe to use (compared to some other browsers) and vast choice of extensions and plugins. There are thousands of useful Firefox addons and in this post we will […]