Download Free Google+ Pages Icon or Badge

Google+ Brand Pages icons

Google+ pages for brand is launched just a few days back and everyone is talking about it. Now companies/brands/services can create their pages on Google+ also. Everyone has been waiting impatiently for the launch. But finally, its here. Download Google+ Pages Icon/badge You can get the Google Plus badge from here. This will give you […]

Barnes & Noble Launches Nook Tablet – Preorder Starts

Nook tablet

Tablet lovers, here comes one more player in this competitive market. Barnes and Noble have launched Nook tablet, a new addition to the Nook family. According to the company, this is the “fastest, lightest tablet with the best in HD entertainment”. We’ll need to wait for the review to see if it really is the […]

Fun: Play Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja on Any Live Website

angry birds bookmarklet

Time for some fun. Angry birds and Fruit Ninja are popular games on Android and iOS. Many people are addicted to these games and now the fun doubles, thanks to Nokia Argentina. You can play Angry birds and Fruit Ninja game live on any website using this small javascript trick and it’s really fun. Play […]

Firefox 8 Now Available [Direct Download Links Inside]


Mozilla is releasing new versions of Firefox as fast as it can. It seems like just now we updated the browsers for Firefox 7, and now the new Firefox 8 is here. This next update (stable version) is going to be released on November 8th. But as always, those who can’t wait for the official […]

How to Clone Computer MAC Address to a Router

Clone Mac address

Mostly every router has this feature to clone MAC address. But the first question that will come to your mind is why would one clone MAC address? And what’s it useful for? This feature can be accessed from the router’s setup page. Why Clone MAC Address After buying a shining new Wi-Fi router, you follow […]