6 Insanely Useful Tools to Block Distracting Sites

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Let’s agree to the fact that while working, we all get distracted by social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. At one moment we are working and at another moment, we are wasting our time facebooking. Technology can have positive effects and negative effects also if used unwisely. In many offices, social networking sites are […]

How to Create Google+ Page for Your WordPress Site

Sign up Google plus

Finally Google+ brand pages are here. Some companies/brands/website owners were waiting anxiously for the arrival so that they could create their own Google+ page. When Google+ was launched, some businesses started to create a profile as personal account. But now there is no need to do this as we can officially create a Google+ page. […]

How to Shop on eBay the Smart Way and Save More Bucks

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We all love shopping on eBay, don’t we? We shop because eBay gives us many choices, many sellers, feedback, discounted price and what’s more – the most loving part which is coupon codes. eBay regularly sends us coupon codes which in turn entices us to buy more by applying that coupon code. It’s not just […]

Download Free Google+ Pages Icon or Badge

Google+ Brand Pages icons

Google+ pages for brand is launched just a few days back and everyone is talking about it. Now companies/brands/services can create their pages on Google+ also. Everyone has been waiting impatiently for the launch. But finally, its here. Download Google+ Pages Icon/badge You can get the Google Plus badge from here. This will give you […]