Upload Files To Multiple File Hosting Sites At Once [Mirror Files]


File hosting sites are much useful to share files with your friends and relatives. Like others, we don’t like the waiting time required to download the file. But many file hosting sites like RapidShare, Megaupload, Despositfiles, etc require premium accounts to bypass the waiting period. So is there a solution for the end user to […]

Load YouTube Videos Faster Using These Tips

Fast YouTube Videos

Love watching videos on YouTube? Everyone does, but the problem is that video will take time to load and may even stop in between. Those who are having slow internet connection speed know that YouTube video will take time to buffer and then only they can view the complete video unobstructed and without any stop. […]

Download Antivirus Removal Tool (Uninstallers)

kaspersky removal tool

Some of you may be surprised to read this title. Do we really need antivirus removal tool? Why can’t we just use uninstaller of that particular antivirus or Add/Remove programs (from Control panel) to do this task. Yes, we can use these tools and there’s absolutely no problem with that. But have you come across […]

6 Insanely Useful Tools to Block Distracting Sites

self control ubuntu

Let’s agree to the fact that while working, we all get distracted by social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. At one moment we are working and at another moment, we are wasting our time facebooking. Technology can have positive effects and negative effects also if used unwisely. In many offices, social networking sites are […]