Introduction and Advantages of Paperless Office

You must have heard this buzz word of “paperless office”. In simple words it means an office without paper or very reduced use of paper. Some may be thinking is it possible ? Yes, its possible and many small offices are turning towards eliminating paper and going towards paperless office.

Paperless offiice is not just about saving paper or saving costs, its much more than that.

Lets see the advantages of paperless office:

Saving paper:

Saving paper and getting environment friendly is the best thing one can do for this mother Earth. Paper is made from trees and therefore it leads to cutting down of trees and increase in deforestation. So not using paper means saving trees.

Saving costs:

No paper means no paper costs. You don’t have to buy paper of those A4 size and save on printing costs. You would be surprised that some companies are even saving $100,000 worth of costs on printing, mailing, and storage space. Small offices can benefit much if they apply the formula of paperless office.

Quicker access to information:

Why quicker ? Because information is stored in digital format in the computer or any other digital format. Searching for these documents is very fast, as we rely on computer for this. Ebooks, epaper, electronic documents and scanned documents all help in this. So basically the document which was stored in the file is now scanned and stored in the computer. Thus saving the space also.

Access anywhere:

By using technology, you can access those documents anywhere. E.g. just take a backup of those precious documents in flash drive or on external disk and view them anywhere. Portability is also an advantage.

Saving time:

Just imagine searching for a very old file in your office and you have also forgot where you kept it. Sometimes it can take a long time. Thus searching for that particular file is just a waste of time. Instead if its in your computer, you can find it easily and speedily and can boost productivity.

Security plus theft protection:

There are many password protect utilities which you can find. Also many office applications have the functionality to password protect the document. Also if you use a document management system, then the information is stored on secure servers. Only authorised persons can view that document. So the information is totally safe.

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