How to Send Voice Messages on WhatsApp (Tutorial)

WhatsApp, the ever popular messaging app on different platforms has introduced the ability to send and receive voice messages. This feature is already available in some other messaging apps, and the same feature was long due on WhatsApp, but finally, it has been arrived.

Voice messages (or push-to-talk service) will give more enriching chat experience, and you can send more personalized message than before. Nothing out there can beat the voice of your near and dear one, and that’s exactly what WhatsApp aims for. Also those who hate typing on small screen of mobile devices will love this new feature. Let’s learn how to use the new voicemail feature on WhatsApp.

How to Send Voice Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is available for every popular mobile platform – Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone. With this new feature, the app now aims to create the same rich and powerful voice messaging experience to its users.

The first thing that you’ll need to do is to update the app to its latest version. Once updated, tap on a contact to open the chat screen. Tap and hold on the microphone button which is visible before you start typing a message.


You can now start recording the voice message, and release it to send the message. Slide left to cancel sending the message if you made a mistake.

You can send a voice message to a single contact or to an entire group, just like regular conversations. When the recipient (your contact) has listened to the voice message, the microphone icon will turn blue.

Receiving a Voice Message on WhatsApp

All voice messages are downloaded automatically. When you receive a message, tap on the play button to listen to it. You can hold your phone up to your ear to play the message through your phone’s speaker or simply hold the phone away to listen to the message on speakerphone.

If the microphone next to the message is in green color, then it means that you have not listened to that message, and if it is in blue then it means that you have listened to it.

This method to send and receive voice messages (also known as voice mail or push-to-talk) on WhatsApp works on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone.

WhatsApp has become the favorite means for communication for many. It has replaced the traditional method of SMS where users need to pay a high fees for sending every text message. Now with WhatsApp adding more and more features, there’s nothing stopping the app to gain more user base and even replace other competitive apps like WeChat, Line, BBM, Hangouts, iMessage, and more.

Here’s a video on how to use WhatsApp voice messages:

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