How to Buy Domain Name from Google

Did you know that you can buy a domain name from Google. You read it right. This is not much advertised by Google, but yes, this can be done. Actually this is done to facilitate the sign up process for Google Apps. Google has partnered with a select group of domain registrars like eNom and Godaddy for this purpose. So in actual case one can say that Google is not a domain registrar but eNom and Godaddy are, and Google is just helping its users to sign up for Google Apps account by this.

Features/advantages of registering domain through Google:

  • Private domain registration to protect against spam at no extra charge (WHOIS Guard)
  • Domain locking at no extra charge
  • Automatically configured to work with Google services
  • Email, calendar, instant messaging, web pages and more at no extra charge
  • Full DNS control and domain management
  • Domain registration for $10 per year

How to Register Domain Name through Google

Step 1:
Head over to this sign up for Google Apps page and click on I want to buy a domain name.
register domain

Step 2:
Search for domain names from here, and also select the TLD of domain name (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz) from that drop down box. Click on Check Availability.

Step 3:
Once you enter the name, which is not used and is available to register, you can go ahead and register that domain by clicking on continue to registration.
NOTE: By default, the domain will be registered by using (note that powered by is written besides that button). Click on Learn More, and you will be presented with other choice of eNom also. Select the domain registrar of your choice.
register domain

Step 4:
Now fill out this form as per your correct details. Scroll down and checkmark the box and accept terms and conditions and finally click on I accept. Proceed to Google Checkout.
register google domain

Final Note: Notice this Keep my registration information unlisted. This is the WHOIS Guard feature. As a privacy measure, some domain name owners prefer to have their personal information hidden from the WHOIS directory. So if you don’t want others to see your name, address and other details, then its recommended to checkmark this box.

Enter the username and password of Google checkout account and sign in. Pay the required amount and the domain will be registered.

So this is how Google can help you register the domain name. The only minus point is that currently it only supports Google Checkout as a payment gateway.

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