How to Print Pages from eBooks and eBook Readers

E-books can be conveniently read on computers and on ebook reader devices like Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and many other devices. In the older days we could get a print out by simply putting a paperback on a copier and getting the copy but with e-books, things get complicated. Printing an ebook is not that easy as it seems but here’s the complete guide to do this.

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How to Print Pages from eBooks

This method works for Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble, and any other who offers web or desktop reader.

  1. Navigate to the website to open web reader. For example, for Amazon you can use the Cloud reader. Or you can open the desktop reader software that your e-reader offers. Amazon and Barnes & Noble offer both the solutions to access e-books.
  2. Now open the book and the exact page that you want to print.
  3. Resize your browser (if its a web reader) or desktop window (if its a desktop app) so that it resembles to something like A4 paper which has dimensions of 8.27″ (width) × 11.69″ (height). You don’t need to be exact, but just an approximate window size will do the trick.
  4. Now take a screenshot of the ebook page. Windows 7 users can use the Snipping tool by selecting the exact area to print and then saving the screenshot. Mac users can hit Ctrl+CMD+4 for capture utility.
  5. It’s printing time now. Open the screenshot image and go to File > Print. On Windows you can also press the Ctrl+P key to do this. Make sure to uncheck “Fit to page” setting. Also you can go to advanced settings and print the page in black (and not color). Click on “Print” to print this page.

Print eBook in iPad

If you use the iPad as a ebook reader, then here’s the process to print. This method will work for mostly every app that can be used to read ebooks.

  1. Open your e-reader app (like iBooks, Kindle, Wattpad, etc) and then navigate to the page that you want to print.
  2. Increase the font size to the size that you would like to print and also make sure that the text is black displayed in white background.
  3. Take a screenshot by holding the home button and then pressing the sleep button. Follow the same procedure to print all the pages.
  4. Once done, its time to transfer all these photos to your computer. Go to the Camera Roll, select all photos and then tap on “Share” and select “Email”. In the “To” field enter your email address. Or you can also use iTunes to transfer those photos to PC/Mac. If you have AirPrint enabled printer, then you can directly print these screenshot images from your iPad, without transferring to computer.
  5. Download those photos from your email. Open Screenshot image files and go to File > Print. Make sure to uncheck “Fit to page” setting. Also you can go to advanced settings and print the page in black (and not color). Click on “Print” to print this page.

That’s how you can print any e-book from an iPad.

If both these methods don’t work for you, then here’s a universal method to print any eBook. Open the exact page that you want to print in your eBook device, place it facing down on a copier (also called as Xerox machine), close the lid and press the “Print” button.

Note: Before printing, read the print and distribution policies for that ebook. Policies for many publishers vary, so read it carefully and then proceed forward at your own risk.

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