How to Open External YouTube Links In The New YouTube App (Cydia Tweak)

Apple’s iOS 6 does not comes with the stock YouTube app, which means a big disappointment to YouTube lovers. But of course users can install the new YouTube app from the App Store (manually) which is launched just a few days back. So even if the iOS 6 doesn’t comes with any YouTube app, you can always get that app from the App Store. The new app is better than its older counterpart and it has received positive feedback from users.

The problem is that since this is a third party app, no external links will open in it automatically. This means that YouTube links received by Email, SMS or some other means won’t open in this new YouTube app.

Here comes a new Cydia tweak YTOpener that can force all YouTube links to open in the new App Store app of YouTube. After installing this tweak, whenever any YouTube link is clicked on, it will be opened in the new YouTube app rather than Safari or the stock YouTube app (if you are on older version of iOS).


As we know, the default behavior of iOS is to open all links via the Safari browser but with this tweak, this functionality can be changed. Once installed, there is no additional setting that needs to be configured and it doesn’t adds any new menu to the Settings or Springboard of your device.

For testing’s sake, try opening any YouTube link from SMS, Email or any other source and it will be opened in the YouTube app, rather than Safari (on iOS 6) or stock app.

The only minus point of this tweak is that only proper desktop YouTube links will be opened and not the links that begin with “”. Many users grab the link from their iPhone or iPad which means those links won’t be opened in the YouTube app. This is definitely a problem for now, but we hope the developer solves this issue soon. Till then, it doesn’t hurt to try out YTOpener in your iPhone and iPod touch.

YTOpener can be grabbed from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. In order to use this tweak, you will need to have a Jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device.

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