How to Capture Screenshots in Samsung Galaxy Y

Do you want to take a screenshot in your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360? We all know that by default on an Android phone, there is no such screenshot application installed. Yes, there are some apps for taking screenshots like Screen Capture Shortcut which can be downloaded from Android market but what if you don’t want to install any app specifically for this purpose. Yes, there is a workaround.

It seems that Google have taken a good step in providing native support for capturing screenshots. But the main thing is that you must be knowing the correct key combination. There are different key combinations for different phones.

Android screenshot capture

Capturing screenshot in Samsung Galaxy Y

Let’s not make the process complicated. Here is the process:

  • Open/navigate to the screen from where you want to take the screenshot
  • Press the Home button and hold it (don’t release the button)
  • Now press lock/power button and then immediately release it (If it doesn’t work, try again. Perfect “timing” is very important here)
  • As soon as this is done, you will hear a click sound, similar to the sound when you capture a photo from camera.
  • Also you will get this message “Screen captured. Saved as image file”.
  • Now you can navigate to the Gallery to view this screenshot. This screenshot will be saved in a new folder named as “Screenshot”.

The home key is that big button in the middle. The screenshots are saved in PNG format. You will need to try this key combination for some 2-3 times. It may happen that first time you may not be successful. But keep trying. It’s somewhat tricky.

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  1. natsuko18 says

    .. hold it ,, for a 3 second…

    just press at the same time.. it work for me….

    but if you just.. press the… home button… it will only.. pop the task manager…

  2. Miniku says

    Thank you! :DD
    Should have searched for articles about screen caps before wasting hours looking for an app for unrooted phones.

  3. LS says

    On my S5360 it did not work smoothly: either task manager popped up and screenshot was taken from task manager screen, or the screen kept switching off (getting dark). After multiple trys I found that accurate timing was very important:
    1) push home button and hold it
    2) immediately after (but not simultaneously) push on/off button (right side) -AND IMMEDIATELY RELEASE it. Snapshot will be taken at the moment of release. This point is important. If you do not relaease but rather hold it, the phone will simply switch off.
    Phone : Android 2,3,5, Kernel No, build GINGERBREAD,XXKIB

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