How to Build a Social Media Site Using PlusOne Theme for WordPress

Yes, you read it right. This theme from templatic will help you to build a mini social media site using WordPress. Ever wanted to create a small website where users can submit posts/articles and then other people can rate on that article. PlusOne theme let’s you do this, but with a more simple, clean looking interface.

It seems that the theme’s name is inspired from the Google +1 button

Users/visitors can create an account and then they can submit the article. The beauty lies in its simple 1 -2 – 3- 4 process and clean interface. Take a look below:

This is a preview of the homepage. To submit articles, users can just click on that big “Submit Articles” button. Next, Register or Sign In.

SignIn or Register

After filling out the details, click on Next Step. Now enter all the article details like Title, description, category, tags, website, upload image, etc from here. You can also add new custom fields in this screen. In the powerful backend, there is an option to create more custom fields like text box, checkbox, radio box, image upload, etc. Now no more coding skills required to add new custom fields.

Submit Article

In the third step, article preview will be shown, if you are satisfied by that article, then click on Next, or Edit that article. Finally in 4th step, a success message will be displayed which will state that “Article is Published”.

So this was the process. This process really clears out all the confusion by the user. Now let’s talk about voting. A user can vote (+1) one time only, later on, if he/she thinks and changes the mind, then he/she can also (-1) that article. Yes, if you can plus one, then you can minus one also.

Each user will get a separate profile page, where all his published articles will be displayed. So if you want to build a mini social media site, then this is the theme which can help you accomplish the task.

PlusOne Theme Features:

  • Powerful Design settings – change each and every element, like link color, background color, disable or enable captcha, change text family, change article status to publish or draft, RSS URL, etc, without touching the code
  • Localization ready
  • Custom build widgets
  • 5 ready to choose Color schemes
  • Built in 7 page templates, ready to use
  • Advertisement widgets
  • Integrated shortcodes
  • And much more features

PlusOne WordPress theme is perfect if you want to add a touch of social interaction. Increase the hype, and popularity and let others know what’s good.

Go ahead and check out PlusOne Theme features or View Live Demo.


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