What Are Mobile Power Banks & Should You Get One?


We can’t live without our gadgets and badly miss them when we forget them at our home. Likewise, even our gadgets can’t live without power and to power-up, we have to charge these gadgets mostly every day. In the good old days, our feature phones lasted for many days without charging, but these days, our […]

ASUS WL-167G V3 Wireless USB Adapter Review


If you are thinking to add Wi-Fi to your Desktop computer, then you can opt for a USB Wireless Adapter like the ASUS WL-167G V3. Using Ethernet is not always a good choice, when you have Wireless router installed in your home/office. To take full advantage of your router and to remove some cable clutter, […]

Connect/Charge Up Your USB Devices With USB Wall Socket

usb wall socket

Imagine that you need to charge up your iPhone when you’re in kitchen or hall and you don’t have any source to charge up the phone. Going to the bedroom and plugging the USB device cannot always be a convenient choice. How about a solution for this problem by installing a USB wall socket. This […]

How to Configure OpenDNS and Google Public DNS for Wi-Fi Routers

router dns

Many ISPs (internet service providers) already configure the DNS settings when configuring the internet. But instead of using the DNS which your ISP assigned, why not use a popular DNS service like Google Public DNS or OpenDNS. You can configure DNS in your computer also and at router level also. If you’ve got a Wi-Fi […]

How to Know If Someone is Using your Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)

wifi logo

Wireless Network, also called as Wi-Fi should be always secured. It is very important to check if someone is using or stealing from your Wireless network (Wi-Fi). This is important because of security risks associated with it. You definitely don’t want someone to hack into your computer or steal your personal information. The person may […]

External Hard Drive Buying Guide: Points to Keep in Mind Before Buying

external desktop drive

External hard drives help in backing up important data. Many use this external drive to store data that they usually don’t access frequently. There are many different companies and many different models available for external (also known as portable) drives. This vast choice is enough to confuse anyone. Read on this External Hard Drive buying […]