Google’s Android OS is Becoming Popular [Stats]

Google’s Android OS is becoming more and more popular day by day. According to a survey by a research firm, Android App will reach 425,000 figure in August. And thus, surpassing the Apple App Store. The statistics on Android is really worth taking a look at.
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During Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, Hugo Barra, Android Product Management Director unveiled some stats on the growth of their Android platform. Let’s see the statistics.

  • 400,000 Android devices are activated daily
  • Google activated 100 million Android devices globally
  • Android is used on 36 OEM (original equipment manufacturers)
  • Android is used on 215 carriers
  • 310 Android devices are on the market
  • Android devices are used 112 countries
  • Android Marketplace contains 200,000 applications

So, by looking at these statistics, one can easily say that Android is not far behind Apple. Infact, as per this site Android Market will surpass Apple App Store by August.

Developers who are just developing Apple apps, need to rethink about their decision. Do they really want to go only with Apple, or do they want to consider other options also ? This question is worth thinking. If they are not developing Apps for Android then they are missing a large part of the market.

Android Market has seen the highest growth rates in terms of app numbers. More and more apps are being made, and developers are getting interested in getting their share. Thanks to Google, this OS is surely going to grow up and become popular.

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