Google TV Gets Major Update, Let’s Welcome HoneyComb & Android Market

Google TV is a Smart TV platform from Google. Your smartphone is smart, then why should TV be left behind. We are already aware about various cable operators and satellite providers. But how about combining best of both worlds, TV plus internet. Google TV was officially launched October 6, 2010, with devices from Sony and Logitech. We can say it is already around us, but here comes a major update that will change the way this gadget works.

On Oct 28, Google has announced a software update for Google TV. Sony devices will be the first to receive software update starting from early next week, followed by Logitech devices. The devices will be updated to Android 3.1 Honeycomb.

Google tv

These changes are coming in software update

  1. The new interface will be much more simpler. The homes screen can be customized and gets you fast to your favorite content. Users can also see shortcuts of different apps, similar to Android phones
  2. Search functionality is improved. Now you can search across the board for content from Netflix, YoutTube, HBO GO and more. There’s also an app called “TV & Movies”, and this app will assist you in browsing more than 80,000 movies and TV episodes across satellite or cable.
  3. The new update will be closely integrated with YouTube and Google TV. Searching and viewing HD-quality videos on YouTube is now easier.
  4. Here comes my favorite part. Finally, Android Marketplace is coming to Google TV. Android developers can bring mobile apps to TV, or build one specifically for HDTV. Currently, we won’t be able to find many apps in this marketplace, but it’s surely going to expand. More and more useful and cool apps will be added.

If you’re having any Android device, then the device can become a remote to control your TV. Just download its app and enjoy having a never before TV experience.

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