Get 5 GB of Free Online Space from Amazon Cloud Drive

Who doesn’t want to satisfy his/her need of hunger. Geeks and other PC users always crave for more and more storage space. Sometimes they upgrade their Hard drive to 1 TB or 2 TB or they search for a cheap online storage system. Some of you may be aware of Dropbox, but the sad part is that it gives only 2 GB of free storage. So here’s a good alternative to Dropbox, as with the help of Amazon Cloud Drive, you can get up to 5 GB of free space. It cannot really be said as alternative to Dropbox because they both function differently, as in Dropbox you need to just copy and paste the file to your folder on hard drive and it will get uploaded automatically, whereas in Cloud Drive, you need a Browser to upload and download the file. In short, you will need just a browser to upload the files and download the files, and its this simple.

Amazon cloud drive

Those who don’t know about Amazon Cloud Drive, its Amazon’s latest offering in the World of cloud based storage. What’s more, music lovers will really this service, because it includes Amazon Cloud Player. This Cloud player helps you play music from the web directly or from Android devices. Any of the music which is stored on this Cloud drive is automatically a part of Cloud player. Now you can even create playlists, listen online and do everything just from within your browser. If you purchased anything from Amazon, it will be automatically be stored in this Cloud drive. Also the music purchased will not count towards your storage limit. However the music uploaded from your Computer gets counted towards this limit.

How to Signup with Amazon Cloud Drive

  • If you already have Amazon account, then you just need to sign in and start uploading your files. Sign In to Amazon Cloud Drive.
  • If you don’t have an account, then go ahead and create a new account by entering your Email address and clicking on No, I am a new Customer. In the next page fill out the required information and submit the form.
  • After signing in, click on Upload Files to start uploading your files. File upload size is limited to 2 GB per file. That means a single file should not be more than 2 GB in size.
  • amazon cloud upload

  • You can even select several files or press Ctrl in Windows or CMD in Mac to select some particular files. Go ahead and use your 5 GB as per your wish. If you think you need more storage space, then you will need to shell out some money to purchase additional space. From settings > click on Manage Your Storage Plan. Below is the pricing details of Amazon Cloud Drive.

Amazon cloud drive pricing

So go ahead and enjoy this new offering from Amazon. What we really like is the clean and simple user interface to do everything. They have not made it complex, and it just helps you do for what its made for. Simple uploading and downloading buttons and simple interface, even a newbie who doesn’t know all this stuff can use it without any guidance.

So what do you think about this new offering ? Just comment below.

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