Download Skype Offline Installer

Skype as we know it, is a very popular software for calling. The voice quality is very good, and is much used for PC to PC calls, and PC to Phone calls. One doesn’t need to configure any extra settings in firewall. It just works perfectly out of the box.


When downloading Skype from official location, it will present you with a 1 MB file to download, which is an online installer. So you will need to download that one MB file and then that online installer downloads the full version of Skype. Some may face problem in installing Skype through that online installer, because of slow internet speed or any other reason.

So here’s an easy way to download the full offline skype installer and skip that online one. Just click on the below link to start downloading:

Download Skype Offline Installer

This is a standalone installer, and all you need to install skype is to just run this file. Just double click on it and follow the onscreen instructions.

Skype is not just available for Windows, but its available for Mac and Linux also. And not just that, it works on PDAs, and has an iPhone application also.

You can also download skype for iPhone, iPod and iPad from the Apple App store and its a free app. Now call freely, and without paying more.

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