Easily Download Images From Any Instagram User With Instagram Downloader

The popularity of Instagram is ever increasing. Instagram is an app for iOS and Android platform which adds effects and filters to photos and also allows sharing of those photos on social networking sites and on the web. Previously, this app used to be for iOS only but now Instagram for Android is also available.

Some days back it was announced that Facebook has acquired Instagram and we hope this is a good news for all users. Let’s agree to the fact that Instagram is fun, not just because it can add filters/effects to our old boring photos but also because the photo can be shared on the web.

Download Instagram Photos of Any User

Here’s an easy way to download all images of any Instagram user. Instagram Downloader is a portable freeware application for Windows users that helps in downloading photos of any Instagram user.

instagram downloader

After downloading the RAR file, extract the archive. Since this is a portable app, you can run it by double-clicking on InstagramDownloader.exe file. There is no need to install this app.

You will observe that it has a very simple user interface. All you need to do is to just enter the username of the Instagram user whose photos you want to download. Enter the username and click on “Download” button.

Navigate to the location of Instagram Downloader and you will observe a new text file with the full URLs for each image that the user has posted on Instagram.

instagram downloads

Basically this application extracts the full URLs of all the images of the user and then saves all these URLs in a text file which is named after that username. For e.g. if you want to download images of an Instagram user named as maleisha, you will find this program creates a text file which is named as maleisha.

Open this text file and copy a particular URL, paste it in the browser and then right-click and save it to your preferred location. Instagram Downloader needs some manual work at this time. You will need to follow the same process for downloading all images.

So now whenever you find an interesting user who posts some awesome pictures on Instagram, you can use this method to get those images.

You can also browse popular photos on Instagram.

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