Download Google Drive Offline/Standalone Installer

Since Google has also jumped into the cloud storage bandwagon, other companies won’t be wrong if they are feeling insecurity. Services like Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, Amazon, SugarSync and others are well established and their user base is also very large. Only time will tell if those users are going to dump their existing cloud storage and move towards Google Drive. The default way to install Google Drive is to first download a client and then that client downloads complete Google Drive files from the internet. Users who are not always connected to internet, or those who have speed limitations or bandwidth limitations will face problem installing Google Drive this way. Therefore a better way is to download Google Drive offline installer.

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For those who are not much familiar with Google Drive (also known as GDrive), it is a cloud storage service and an upgraded version of Google Docs which offers 5GB of free online storage. Additional storage space can also be purchased if required. Google Docs is now merged with Google Drive. When you install the Google Drive client for Windows PC, it creates a folder on the hard drive which will be automatically synced online just like Dropbox.

Download Google Drive Offline Installer

If you don’t want to install Google Drive the traditional way, then here is an alternative method to do so. Sometimes people face problem with the default method, also those behind a proxy have reported problems. Therefore, its better to install Google Drive with offline installer.

This offline installer works great for people who want to install it on multiple computers or on computers where internet is not working. Of course to sync files you need active internet connection but at least one would save some bandwidth, especially those who are having limited internet connection. Also users won’t need to download Google Drive for every individual PCs, as this offline installer needs to be downloaded just once and then one can carry it around on USB flash drive and then install on multiple PCs.

This Google Drive standalone installer is just 11.5 MB in size. Download it using this direct link and then you can later on install it.

This installer eliminates problems faced with the online installer. If you are facing a problem with installing GDrive the default way, then give this offline installer a shot.

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