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Google Chrome is slowly and steadily becoming popular nowadays because of its simple, clean interface and ease of use. The browser is heavily promoted by Google and it has become very popular in a short span of time.

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You may sometimes wonder which is the most popular browser ? As per the statistics published on W3 schools Internet Explorer is used 25.8 %, Mozilla Firefox is used 42.2%, Chrome is used 25.0%, safari is used 4.0% and Opera is used by 2.5 %. Of all these, Chrome is the youngest one and its still has got 25 % of usage worldwide. Thus, it can be said that Google has succeeded in popularizing this browser.

Alternate Google Chrome installer

This browser can be downloaded from its official location, but it gives you a small online installer of some 500 kb, which in turn will download the browser from its server and install it. Sometimes problem is faced by this method and one may even fail in installing it. So what now ? Well, here is a traditional way to download the Google Chrome offline installation (standalone installer). Just click on below link to download.

Offline installer of Google Chrome can be downloaded from here

Go to this link and if you don’t want to make Google Chrome as your default browser, then uncheck that box. Finally click on Accept and Install button. This will download the offline setup. Save it to your Computer and then open it to run the installation process and follow onscreen instructions.

This standalone installation method is very helpful incase you fail installing by other (online installer) method or if the PC in which you are installing doesn’t have internet connection at the moment. This download link will be updated at regular intervals to provide the latest version.

Note: There is one minus point of this installer, and that is you cannot auto update Chrome to the latest version. Therefore a user can miss important security fixes and feature improvements. Reason for this ?

This is the explanation given by Google Employee:

When you install Google Chrome from the regular install page, the first thing you install is a mechanism called “Google Update.” Once Google Update is installed, it automatically installs Google Chrome. Google Update then continues to look for new versions of Google Chrome and downloads them as necessary.

When you install Google Chrome from the alternate/offline/standalone installer, you do not install Google Update first. This means Google Chrome cannot update automatically, which makes it much less secure. That’s why we strongly recommend that, if at all possible, you download from the regular install page.

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