Detailed Review of Samsung Wave 525

We all know that Samsung’s entry in the touchscreen and smartphone market is not new. Corby and Star series was big hit for Samsung. Recently they have released two new series. Samsung Wave and Samsung Galaxy. By taking a quick look at both phones, you will see that wave has BADA operating system and Galaxy has Android operating system.

So what’s so special about Samsung Wave 525 and is it worth buying ? Just read on this review to know about all the answers.

This phone is also referred as Samsung wave s5253

Let’s take a quick look at Technical Specification of Samsung Wave 525 :

  • Display: 3.2 inches with resolution of 240 x 400 pixels and 256k colors
  • Touchscreen: Capacitive
  • Memory capacity: 2GB card included and expandable upto 16 GB
  • Camera: 3.2 MP (2048×1536 pixels) with video recording
  • OS: BADA
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, EDGE and data cable
  • Battery: Li-Ion 1200 mAh
  • Radio: FM with recording
  • GPS: A-GPS
  • Audio: 3.5 mm audio jack and loudspeaker
  • Others: Java, samsung apps, mp3 player, video player, music recognition, virtual QWERTY keypad, memo, todo list, calculator, etc

Display: The screen size is 3.2″ and resolution is 240 x 400 pixels. The display quality is sharp and clear. Capacitive touchscreen also responds very well and infact this is a good move by samsung.

Keypad: It has QWERTY virtual keypad. So you won’t face any problem typing long Emails or SMS’s. But yes, it would be great if the keys would be somewhat big.

Sound: For those music bluffs, this phone would satisfy them definitely. During video test, the videos were very clear and perfect. You couldn’t wish they could be any better. For music, you can even plug in a 3.5mm audio jack. The music quality with those bundled headset is not that great but you can use any 3.5mm jack and you’ll notice the difference in audio quality. One point is worth mentioning here. The speaker is located in the back side, so if you are listening to music, may be you have to place this phone upside down to listen to the audio.

Connectivity: This phone lacks 3G and this can be considered a downside. But you can use Wifi and infact it gives very good speed. Also it has Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP, so transferring files though Bluetooth is faster. The data cable is also included with the package and this is also a good move by Samsung.

Operating System: The operating used in this phone is BADA. This is a new and open source operating system developed by Samsung Electronics. This OS is developed for smartphones. Also you can downoad many applications from Samsung App store. There are not many applications like the iPhone, but in near future the application for BADA platform will increase. The firmware can also be upgraded by using Samsung kies but it took 40 minutes to complete whole process. This software is included in the CD. Through this, one can transfer files, view contacts, edit photos, burn disc, view calendar, view messages, convert videos, etc. Samsung kies really seems to be having a good set of features.

Below is a screenshot of Samsung Kies:


I would like to mention some names of free applications which you can download for free: Screenbreaker, sliding block, Fifa 10, Tetris, Me know it all, The Body shop, Spore creatures, Assasins’s Creed, currency converter, smartsearch, love scanner, piano, password manager, etc. Isn’t it great that all these applications are free.

Camera: Camera quality could be improved. Its 3.2 MP and resolution is 2048 x 1536. And also there’s no flash.

Price: This is where the sweet spot lies. Its very attractively and affordably priced as Rs 7500 (166 USD). For this price point, this phone is a real killer deal. You get a phone with 3.2″ screen, Wifi, 3.2 MP camera, BADA OS, radio, capacitive touchscreen, downloadable apps, etc and at this price, what more ? ok we really miss the 3G functionality, but those who are always near a wifi spot will not miss some functionalities of 3G.

Video player: The video player supports only two formats, namely 3GP and MP4. So if you have a video in any other format, then you’ll have to convert it first. Videos can run in full screen and navigation auto hides. There’s also a 5.1 ch button, but for that you’ll have to plug in a headset.

Other features: A 2 GB micro SD card is bundled and memory can be expanded upto 16 GB. It has micro USB port through which you can charge it or plug in a data cable and can connect it to a computer. The sound keys are on the left handside. To run Radio, you will need to plugin headset.

So what’s included in the package:
2 GB memory card
User manual
Leather case
2 CDs
Data cable
Travel adapter

3.2″ screen
Document viewer
Email, IM and social media apps
Superb VFM (value for money)

No 3G
Not many applications are available
Speaker is placed at the backside

Final words:
Well, for this price, what more can you expect. Samsung calls this a smartphone, and it is really smart at some points and lacks in some points also. But if you can live with some cons also, then this is a great phone and will surely satisfy one’s need to own a smartphone. For this price point, its a great buy.

So what do you think about this phone ? Do comment below.


  1. says

    I am having problem with its 3.5jack if i connect some other headphone it automatically dials first no. on your calling list and no scope for new folders on mobile screen. Also the Google maps shows some other direction in which we are actually moving.

  2. rohitraj says

    I bought this mobile 5 days ago and its ok..ok in rs.7300+ 4gb sd rs.280.
    +ve points u get 3.2 touch screen, 3. mp camera, wifi, fm, audio and video quality good.
    -ve points no flash, no 3g, no good file protection, no games and apps..

    wifi works good but very disappointing when u download rar or zipfiles and u can not view or unzip..
    over all good for music and video viewers supports 16gb sd.
    Not good for internet users in some ways.
    i am using it like i-pod now.
    my rating 6.8/10.

  3. Urvesh says

    Hi ! I bought Samsung wave 525 before 1 month, I am very much satisfied with this phone but i’m facing a problem,When I am talking with ” A” and I want to show the contact number of “B”to give up Mr.”A” during conversation.I press the side key and menu open “contacts” and when I select Mr.”B” to show his contact no.It will not show the contact but connecting the line with “B”.

    Have anyone solution for this problem?

  4. ajb says

    I’ve uninstalled all my samsung apps from the main page but my memory is still really full of apparently bada apps! could they be hiding anywhere else and I haven’t uninstalled them properly?

  5. amjad says

    Hey i bought this phone a month ago and i am very much satisfied. for all those who want to use smart phone with maximum functionalities, this is the best buy. Though this phone has got minor bugs, you can still manage it. This mobile is not compatible with other stereo headphones and battery life is poor, but still its worth buying… go for it…..

  6. sarat says

    hi, coming to the motion sensor games for wave 525,i don’t think there are any as of now…as bada is still not as sophisticated as android or other operating systems…it may take some time

  7. sarat says

    hi, to change i.e increase or decrease the sound while you use touch and other options jus click the volume adjustment key on the left side of the phone..

  8. siri says

    Hi i bought this mobile 3days back and i am very much satisfied with this as of now. Can anyone help me to change the touch settings like the soound while we touch anything and when we dial a number. Actually this should be there in phone settings but i couldn’t find them here anywhere…please help me out

  9. Niraj says

    Hi, i have brought it for 7400 till now i am so much satisfied with it.
    It has a good touch screen and it has a good surfing too.
    But there are not much application on samsung apps specially games..

    • says

      You can use Samsung Kies to convert the videos, it will automatically adjust the width and height. Currently it converts to 320 x 240

  10. milind misra says

    i have a doubt. i read in many sites that this phone does have 3G. could you please clarify it for me again?

    • says

      Hi Milind,

      This particular model does not have 3G. If you want 3G, then go for Samsung Wave 723.
      And regarding the touchscreen, its very sensitive.

  11. milind misra says

    thanx a lot for this great review.i wanted to know if this phone had a 3.5mm jack and a qwerty keypad. thankx to u,now i knw. this looks like an awesome phone for its price. hoping to buy it soon. thanx again. really appreciated :D

  12. shimant Gunjan says

    i purchased it for Rs.7600, 3 days back and till now i am very much satisfied. The Touch screen function works so cool and there is no problem of hanging even if u open 2-3 function at a time. the sound is also great.
    Apart from above mentioned cons, absence of application for gtalk reduces its point. but software like nimbuzz can work. there is no GPS Navigation software, however pre-installed google map solves the purpose. folders cannot be made in the menu page so the new installed softwares will appear scattered.
    However counting the + point of the cons will appear negligible and the phone is worth its price. i give it 9/10..