How to Delete Pinterest Account

Pinterest is a an online pinboard where users can bookmark their favorite websites. The site is growing at a fast rate. Those who have tried Pinterest and think that this new service is not for them, then they can delete Pinterest account. It can happen that you lose interest and want to remove data/pins from this service. Closing Pinterest account is very easy. Just follow below steps.

Update: Pinterest has now removed the option to delete the account, and instead now offers an option to deactivate the account.

When you deactivate your Pinterest account, your profile and pin boards won’t be visible on Pinterest anymore. Also if you’ve linked your account to Facebook and Twitter, then Pinterest will unlink you. However, deactivating your account won’t free up your username or email address.

Remove or Delete your Account from Pinterest

  1. Login to your Pinterest account
  2. Hover your mouse over your account name from top-right side to expand the menu and then click on Settings
  3. pinterest settings

  4. In this settings page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Deactivate Account
  5. deactivate-pinterest

  6. After clicking on this “Deactivate Account” button, Pinterest will display a warning message that says that “Deactivating means no one will see your Pins or anything else in your Pinterest profile.” Click on the red “Deactivate Now” button to delete your Pinterest account.


  7. After clicking on this button, your account will be deleted and you will be taken back to the homepage.

Note that once your account has been deactivated, you should not try to login to your Pinterest account, as doing that will reactivate your account again. If you just want to confirm, then simply visit your profile URL which would be something like

This is how you can deactivate or remove yourself from Pinterest. Pinterest for some reason has removed the option to delete the account, and that’s why for now you can use the above method to deactivate your Pinterest account.

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