How to Delete a Pin on Pinterest

Pinterest is an online pin board. Users can pin their favorite web pages to the site or enjoy browsing their favorite topic. Those of you who are new to Pinterest can ask questions like how to delete a pin once it has been created. You may have many reasons to do this such as you pinned it twice or you have pinned it to the wrong pinboard. Whatever the reason may be, let’s learn how to do this.

How to Delete a Pin on Pinterest

  1. Login to your Pinterest account, click on the name of Pinboard from where you want to delete the pin.
  2. After opening the Pinboard, you can see your various pins. Hover your mouse over the pin that you want to delete and then click on edit button.
  3. edit pin

  4. From this edit pin screen, click on the Delete Pin button.
  5. delete pin

  6. You will get a notification pop-up asking you to confirm whether you want to delete the pin permanently. Click on Delete Pin button.

    pin delete

Or you can also open the closeup view of the pin. Closeup view means the view in which a single pin is displayed. From here also you can click on edit button and then on delete button.

Note that once a pin is deleted from Pinterest it cannot be recovered. Its gone forever.

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