Convert Your Bookmarks of One Browser to Another Browser

Ok, first the situation. What if you have bookmarked your favorites in Firefox and now wanted to import that bookmarks directly to Internet Explorer, Opera, or Chrome. You would think that its impossible to do that, right? No, this is not impossible, but this can be done. It can be very annoying to install another browser just because you realize that you have exported bookmarks of Firefox and now you need Firefox, just to view your bookmarks.

To export bookmarks in firefox just click on Bookmarks, then click on Organize bookmarks. Now in the Import and Export button, click on Export. So this is how you save your precious bookmarks as a backup for future. Ofcourse its good to be always be prepared for future disasters (like viruses).

The magic word is “Transmute“. It is a bookmark converter software. This is a very good utility to convert, sort, organize, synchronise and remove duplicates from your bookmarks. Basically it can be said that its an all in one bookmark manager. The standard (free) version has less features and paid (pro) version has more features. Also Transmute supports converting bookmarks to and from all major/popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Flock, Konqueror, Chromium and XBEL.

Let’s look at a screenshot of Transmute.


Its very easy to use transmute and convert bookmarks between different browsers. Suppose you want to convert your bookmarks from Google Chrome to Firefox, just select Chrome as your Source and Firefox as your Target. There are three versions for Transmute, one is free, second one is “Plus” and third one is “Pro”. The pro version has some more features like Advanced Control, Duplicate Removal, Customizable Sorting, etc. But the free version is also good to satisfy our basic need of bookmarks conversion.

One more thing, its multi platform ready. Transmute can be run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X also. So now just export the bookmarks and convert it and then use that bookmarks in any browser. This utility is worth a try, download it from below.

Download Transmute Now


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