Troubleshooting – How to Solve Computer Clock Losing Time Issue

Some people may face this strange problem. When you set the time and date properly in Computer, and when the Computer restarts, the time and date is again reset to a very old date, and time starts from 12:00. You may be fed up changing the date and time again and again and this really seems to be a headache. If your Computer loses time and date, then this issue can be solved.

There can be different solutions when computer time and date keeps changing, but it depends upon the cause:

Changing CMOS Battery:
cmos battery
One possible solution to solve this issue is to replace the CMOS battery on the motherboard (mainboard). This battery maybe in its last stages or may be dying. That’s why it needs replacement. This CMOS battery is a small battery mounted on the motherboard. It looks like a watch battery, and about the size of dime.

If you’ve ever opened your PC before then this may not be a hard task for you. Just carefully remove that battery, insert a new one and voila, its done.

Note: Do this carefully, as you may also damage some other critical components of motherboard. If you think that this may give a hard time, then you can take the help of your friendly neighborhood computer guy.

Synchronize Computer Time:
Another possible solution is to synchronizing Computer Clock over the internet. The time can automatically be synchronized over the internet at regular intervals or it can be done manually also. The only problem with this solution is that computer must be connected to the internet. So if you’re connected to internet, then follow the below steps:

Click on Date from the Desktop and then click on “Change Date and Time Settings”. Date and Time options will open (You can open date and time options from Control Panel also). Now click on Internet Time and then on “Change settings”.

synchronize time

In the server settings, type down, press Update Now and click on OK. Windows will automatically sync with the server and date and time would be corrected.

So thats it. Hope this helps you to solve time not saving issue in PC.


  1. Altaf Sk. says

    hi,,this is Altaf..i have heard that because of virus in our p.c the date and time will it right..

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