Linux is now 20 Years Old [Infographic]

linux infographic

Linux which first made appearance in 1991 as a project by Linus Torvalds has now become a very popular operating system powering many desktops, netbooks, notebooks and super computers. Yes, you heard it right, Linux powers 10 super computers in the World. Linux currently is the most popular server operating systems and has got its […]

Download Firefox 4 for Windows, Mac and Linux

firefox logo

So finally, here it is. Mozilla has released Firefox 4 web browser. Many people have already dumped the good old Internet Explorer and trying out new browsers like Firefox, Opera and Chrome. Still, if you are among the ones which use Internet Explorer now also, then now you’ve definitely got a reason to try out […]

How to Request Ubuntu CD


Ubuntu Linux is one of the most popular linux operating system and it’s based on Debian GNU/Linux distribution. This operating system is widely used and known because its open source, secure and fast. If you have used Windows and want to try out some another operating system, then this is the perfect one to try […]

Share or store files online: Use Dropbox

dropbox logo

Heared this name? Dropbox. A very simple name but it can do wonders. In this digital age, we love our files very much. We can’t even think of loosing our important / precious files. That’s where Dropbox comes to the rescue. Ofcourse there are many websites which allow you to store files online, but dropbox […]