Add A Custom Twitter Status Message To A Link Or A Button


Ever wondered how do people create that “Retweet” link or button or create links like “Click here to Retweet”. Well its nothing but just coding and the message. Yes you can add a custom message to the Twitter URL and its just too easy. Its this simple. Your message should contain “” compulsorily and […]

Create Surveys Through Google Docs


Are you thinking that creating a survey is a lengthy process and will take your much time ? Oh no, its not so. Creating surveys through Google Docs is very easy. And not just surveys, you can also create forms to collect information. If you want to know about a certain thing, want a feedback […]

Sun Launches Sun Direct HD, India’s First HD DTH Service

Sun Direct HD DTH

Sun has launched India’s first High Definition TV Service. DTH (Direct to Home) are becoming popular nowadays and more and more people are using it. They are cost effective and offer better quality compared to local Cable. Sun has taken a massive step and now you can watch life like video in your expensive TVs […]

Now Watch IPL Live On Youtube


Now you can watch IPL Live on Youtube. This is the cricket season for which many Cricket lover’s are waiting for. Some people may be busy working in office and they may be not at home to watch IPL on their Televisions. So they should rejoice now as they can now watch IPL (Indian Premier […]

Join Technostarry On Facebook – Be A Fan!


Facebook, as you know, is the World’s most popular social networking website. It has got an Alexa rank of 2. So you can say that its very popular and widely used social networking site. I have created a FAN Page of on Facebook, so that you can get the latest updates of what’s going […]