How to Create a Facebook Landing Page for your Blog/Webiste

Facebook fan pages are a great source to improve your presence on social networking site. These fan pages can bring good amount of traffic and user interaction with each other. Also fan pages show loyalty towards your Blog/website because whatever the admin posts, the fans are most likely to read it and may even visit the site. In this tutorial we will learn how to create facebook landing page and thereby increase your fan base.

These custom built fan pages are often used for enticing users to “like” the page, display a customized welcome message or show a special deal (facebook only promotions) to its visitors. Most people have set their landing page as the wall. This may not be the smartest way to do it. This is like using Google Adwords to bring traffic to the homepage, which is not advisable. So here’s how to create a landing page. We will be using an app for this purpose. There are many apps on facebook, but we want to show you the easiest and smartest way to do this. So let’s start now.

Step1: Static FBML App
The tabs on top of the page can be called as Apps. We will be using Static FBML App for this purpose. The quickest way to add this app is by searching it on the “search bar” provided at the top on facebook and then click on Static FBML.
facebook app

Now click on Go to App.

Go to facebook app

In the next step, it will ask you for the permission and the fan page to which you want to add this app. Approve this application.

Step 2: Add your content (HTML, CSS or Javascript)

static fbml app

Now that the application is added, its time to add content to it. And not just pure boring text, but it can be HTML, CSS or even javascript. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a coding junkie to do this task. A simple and easy solution would be just to create an image, and upload it your webhost (server) or any photo sharing site and then embed that image in this page. Use the below code to embed an image in your page.
<img src="" />
Just add this code and your Welcome tab is ready.

Step 3: Setup Default Landing tab
This is the last step. Now that entire content is ready, we just need to set this new Welcome tab as default landing page. So that whenever someone will open your fan page, this “Welcome” tab will be displayed, instead of the “Wall”.

Open your fan page, and click on Edit Page, this would be in top right hand side. Click on Manage Permission and from Default Landing Tab, select the tab which you just created.

default tab fb

So that’s done. Setting up a custom landing page will help you gain more fans/likes compared to directly displaying “wall”. Ofcourse this new landing page should be attractive enough and should be well thought.

You can also download this PSD file, and use it for creating an image for your new landing page. This is a Photoshop file and it can be used as a template. Just add your content, logo, points, etc. All the elements are layered, so any element can be easily removed, edited and given any effect as per your wish. Hope you find this readymade Photoshop template as useful.

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  1. says

    Very informative and educational post on how to build effective facebook landing page. The explanation and steps are really clear to follow. I agree that building a good landing page on facebook fanpage is a great way to increase your popularity on social media site.

  2. Mark F.J. says

    Very clearly explained. Using Image as landing page is a nice trick, its useful for me, who are not programmers.

    • says

      Yes, why make steps complicated, when you can make a simple image and use it. But ofcourse, those who know coding, can go that way also.

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