ATI Radeon HD 5870: Worth Upgrade ?


So, these next gen graphic cards are out. Some people may be thinking, is it worth upgrading ? Well, lets take a short look at its technical specifications and performance. And guys, yes, its worth reading :)

So lets start the party. This is a refinement of th 4xxx series. Its manufactured by 40 nm process, just like 4770. As we all know, its Direct X 11, that means fully compatible with Windows 7. So now you’ve got one more reason to purchase Windows 7. Now thats what you call ATI’s strategy. These cards are released just before releasing of Windows 7. So hats off ATI !!!

No more blabbing, lets look at the Technical Specifications of 5870:

Interface: PCI Express X 16 2.0

GPU: Radeon HD 5870 (Cypress XT)

Core Clock: 850 MHz

Process: 40 nm

Stream Processors: 1600


Outputs: HDMI, DVI, Display Port

Direct X: Direct X 11

Maximum Resolution: 2560 x 1600

Yes, this is the first Direct X 11 compatible graphic card. It also has Eyefinity, it lets you drive upto 6 HD displays. New features include better tesselation, better AI, better Physics, better shadows, multi threaded rendering, etc. This card beats its own predecessor, the 4890. It also beats Nvidia’s GTX 285.

Now lets talk about the size. Its size 11.1 inches. Yes, its huge. You’ll need a cabinet that has good room for air flow to use this beast.

Lets come to price. Its priced at 380 USD. This card is not available in India now, but we all know from where to get it. Newegg. Yes.

The irony is that still there is not a single game out that uses DX 11. So now, you know that is this card worth buying. If you ask me, than I say, YES.


  1. nico says

    This is a monster card. Unless you are a high-end tech guy who wants to have the latest this video card is for you. But if not save your money to a much cheaper card you won’t see much difference if you are not playing intensive games.

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