How to Forward SMS (Text Messages) in an Android Phone

Sometimes small things can make a big difference. Like a simple option which is hidden deep within can make us scratch our head. Recently a reader asked a question in the comments section:

Please tell me how to forward SMS from Smasung Galaxy Y?

Like others, if you’re too searching the answer to this question and want to know how to forward message in Android smartphone, then you’re at the right place. Read on.

Forward SMS from Android Phone

This is easy. Open the message that you want to forward to others and you will see that SMS in message balloon. It would be in yellowish color.

forward SMS

Tap and hold that yellowish message area for more than 2 seconds. After some time, you will see additional options like Delete message, copy message text, lock message, Forward, Copy to SIM and View message details.

android SMS

Select Forward and then start adding contacts from “Recent”, “Contacts” and “Groups”. Recent means the phone numbers which you’ve used recently, selecting “Contacts” will open all your contacts and finally “Groups” means, if you’ve created some Groups and want to forward this same message to the entire group, then select a group. After all the recipients are added, select Send.

SMS Forward in Android is not a hard task. Hope this small tutorial helps you.

(Tap and hold means tap that item and hold it for more than 2 seconds to open a pop-up option list.)

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  1. kami says

    Thanks for describing the way to forward, but my problem is when i start to forward the message the mobile device converts the message into multimeida message. What should I do.

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