Sent A Gmail Message By Mistake? Here’s How To Unsend It


Wouldn’t it be great if there’s an undo button in Gmail, and we can just click on it and undo sending that email? Well, if you are searching for a similar feature then you’re in luck as Gmail now offers an undo button to un-send that message but you will need to enable it. Let’s […]

Want to Get Windows 10 for Free? Then Get Windows 7 or Windows 8.1

windows 10 free upgrade

Microsoft at a special event in Redmond has revealed some interesting details on Windows 10, the company’s upcoming operating system. The big news of the time is that Microsoft will be offering Windows 10 for free, the only catch is that you should be using Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1. Pricing of […]

How to Clear/Delete your Play Store Search History


Whenever we come upon some interesting app, game, movie, book, etc then we search for its name on the Google Play Store to try it out. If the app’s description, screenshots and reviews are according to our expectations then we will try it out or else, press the back button. Now what happens is that […]

How To Get More Free Storage Space On OneDrive (Previously SkyDrive)


Microsoft has now rebranded and launched SkyDrive as OneDrive. The company, apart from renaming, also announced some new features on this occasion. For example, users will now have the ability to share and view videos just as easily as photos, automatic camera backup option for Android, iOS and Windows Phone and real-time co-authoring when using […]