Pricing Comparision: Dropbox vs Google Drive vs OneDrive vs SugarSync


Microsoft recently did a rebranding of its cloud storage service which was previously known as SkyDrive, and now known as OneDrive, but apart from that, the Redmond company also rebranded Office Web Apps to Office Online. The cloud storage war has just been made more interesting with these companies providing new features, and more online […]

How To Get More Free Storage Space On OneDrive (Previously SkyDrive)


Microsoft has now rebranded and launched SkyDrive as OneDrive. The company, apart from renaming, also announced some new features on this occasion. For example, users will now have the ability to share and view videos just as easily as photos, automatic camera backup option for Android, iOS and Windows Phone and real-time co-authoring when using […]

How To Create Memes Right On Your Android Phone


I think we all agree to the fact that memes are a superb time pass. These days, memes have become very popular and can be found on various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter but that’s not all, there are also some sites that exist only because of Internet memes. So if these things […]

Know Who Unfollowed You & Who Doesn’t Follow You Back On Instagram


Instagram is an amazing place where people post and share their photos. If Facebook and Twitter are two big social networking sites, then Instagram can be called as a big community for photo lovers. Users take photos, apply filter to them and then share it on Instagram. In fact, some people call Instagram as addictive. […]

What Are Mobile Power Banks & Should You Get One?


We can’t live without our gadgets and badly miss them when we forget them at our home. Likewise, even our gadgets can’t live without power and to power-up, we have to charge these gadgets mostly every day. In the good old days, our feature phones lasted for many days without charging, but these days, our […]