iPod Touch 6th Generation vs iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6: Compared


Apple has launched the all new iPod touch 6th generation, and this device was perhaps in much need for an update. This new 6th generation iPod touch now comes with some good upgrades within, and it is a good option for those who don’t want cellular plan but just want to use an iOS device […]

6 Best Smartphones That Charge Really Quick

From right to left: Oppo Find 7a, Motorola Nexus 6 and HTC One M9

When it comes to smartphones, they are much different than those traditional feature phones which would last many days on a single charge. Smartphones, however, are not that smart when it comes to managing battery life and they usually die within a day or two (max). That’s why, many buyers consider battery life as the […]

Sent A Gmail Message By Mistake? Here’s How To Unsend It


Wouldn’t it be great if there’s an undo button in Gmail, and we can just click on it and undo sending that email? Well, if you are searching for a similar feature then you’re in luck as Gmail now offers an undo button to un-send that message but you will need to enable it. Let’s […]